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Best Tips to Crack NDA Written Exam First Attempt

To Clear the NDA Written Exam in 1st attempt is not an easy thing. Study says less than one percent of candidates able to clear this exam in 1st crack. So this means aspirants need lot of dedication for it. Only your practice and choice of NDA Coaching in Chandigarh will help you to achieve your career goal.

Here are the some basic tips to crack NDA Written exam in first attempt:-

  1. Sit for preparation with good mood :- While studying for the exam doesn’t sit with stressful mood. Sitting with good mood help you a lot in knowledge more things.
  2. Sync your study time table with other behavior :- Before preparing for NDA Written exam always make and sync your time table with the other behavior and Study the subject taught by the teacher as soon as you come house.
  3. Shorter session study is improved than longer tired schedule:- Psychologists have found out that students study as much in shorter sessions than longer hour’s session.
  4. Do smart work more than hard work :- For competitive exam examinations, especially NDA Written Exam one does not count the number of hours he is expenses in front of books, rather, you need to measure the amount of focused learn you are doing.
  5. Take some small breaks :- A few small breaks must surely be taken. If you learn too much at one go, you may not keep in mind a thing during NDA Exam. So, Taking breaks is very important.
  6. Try to study early hours than odd time:- Hard topics can be studied in the early hours of the per day. The best time to study is in the morning itself. So make sure you have got enough sleep at night so that you can get up early and cover what’s important.
  7. Read the full syllabus that you studied in higher secondary:- You should read the text correctly and thoroughly. If needed, read every topic thrice. Make sure you have seen the heading, the introductory part properly, the sub heading etc.
  8. Make and consider key words:- You should consider the keywords. For that, you can highlight them and whenever you are studying, keep them in mind.
  9. You can use colorful papers for special subjects:- You should color the thoughts in red; the dates can be kept in blue with the other facts in colors such as green or yellow.
  10. Regular practice of mathematics will help you a lot to clear the NDA Written Exam:- Keep your practice for mathematics on regular basis will help for Crack NDA Written Exam.

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